Exploding Search is a constant time search algorithm that is symbol based, and that searches on a list of words independently. That is we want a given record with a key of one or more words $$ ("some\ key",value) $$ to show up in the search result if we for example search for "so" or "ke". We don't allow to search for symbols in the middle of a word. That is the above record do not show up when searching for "ey" or "om". This can be done by extension. We want the search results updated for every symbol we input, not just for search terms. Furthermore we want the search to be done in constant time.


I created the algorithm to use on the pages part of my site, that is where you are now. I created the algorithm some years ago. Exploding Search is quite specific. I think it's a fun algorithm, quite fast and useful for a situation where you want to search one symbol at a time with instant update. Similar or identical algorithms might exist, I haven't looked into it.