Here the lyrics for my song Telephone. Found on DitroKid/HyperFollow. The song can be played in my music player.

------ Verse1: There must be some kind of way out of here and the whole stage just disappears I'm yelling in a room (in a room) At a painting on the wall (on a wall) Fucking thief who sold me this (sold me this) The painting is filled with what whatever scrawl I'm riding in the night (in the night) In a car with no wheels (no wheels) I told the joker: tell the thief Ouallada, the night so much appeals ------ Pre Chorus: Dialing up on the payphone I have never even seen your face I'm all alone Running scared in 2D space ------ Chorus: Screaming in a telephone at the joker in the alley Screaming: are you all alone Flooring the pedal, a downtown rally Driving late at night with the hood of the car ripped off And you want an umbrella for the rain If we only had an engine we would live in the fast lane ------ Verse2: That business man he talks no sense Every word just seems pretence I'm riding that white horse (white horse) Painted on a house (on a house) The businessman he stole my house (my house) Now all I have for dinner is a silent applause (gray mouse) A screenplay about economy a princess in an allay I'll act out in scarcity Dripping makeup and anxiety ------ Pre Chorus ------ Chorus ------ Solo ------ Chorus x 2