Cheap ass floor tom legs

Maybe two years ago I bought a floor tom for 50kr in a thrift shop. The make is Hohner Percussion. I think Hohner makes harmonicas. But apparently also drum sets. I have decided to get a few drum parts for recording. And for that I might as well also use this tom. The thing is that no legs for it were included in the buy. I have found some new ones for 250kr. This does seem a bit too much I think. I went to the local DIY discount market and strolled around. And what I found there is almost too perfect.

A set of green fence post's

That is right. I found these fence post's for 8kr a piece. The very cool thing about them is that they have that knobs for the electric fence. Add silicone to those, and you wont ruin the floor.

The fence posts mounted on the tom.

The only problem I see at this point, is that they are a bit unstable/make the drum dance. But nothing too serious unless you would like to sit on the drum.

The height of the posts are of course alterable with a hacksaw.

The next thing is to add silicone. I haven't done anything like this before. So I figure that it is OK to just add some millimeters to cover the whole end of the post.

Adding silicone.

Silicone of this kind apparently has to dry for 24 hours. It is firm after 1 hour. So in the shed those goes for a day or two. The result

Dried silicone.

Lastly. Use the hacksaw to saw off legs at a proper point. I used the cheapest hacksaw I could find. You might want to grind the sawed of end a bit. And then we have

Finished tom standing ready to play on.

Since I didn't own a hacksaw or silicone, I had to buy those. But they can be used for other projects. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the result :-).

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