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Burner Emails Addresses

21.01.2020 | Internet/Privacy

You have dishonered linkedin

I put my email address directly on my previous webpage with a mailto tag in the src. This resulted (and generally results) in me (one) getting spam and phising mails. You know "Some person is dead, and you are chosen to inherit millions of euros". This is not people visiting webpages in order to snap addresses and send these kind of mails. It's bots that traverses google searches in order to snap mailto links. Anyway. I have found this very nice application It's an app that can be installed in, say, Firefox. After installation you assign one of your normal mail addresses. Then you have 5 free burner emails that forwards to this. These looks like You can just delete some address and create a new one. Just make sure not to reply from a received mail since you will reply with you own mail address. That is the one the burner email is supposed to hide.

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