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Danish Old School Magic


This is one from a fellow dane. He plays the old-school format. For these match ups they are allowed cards from 1993-94. That is from the series Alpha, Beta, Unl, Rev, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, The Dark.

The format is a mix of some seriously powerful cards along some quite weak cards compared to today's magic. Mostly the creatures from back then are not great. Among the best ones are Juzam Djinn, Su-Chi and my old favorite Mahamoti Djinn. There are some odd combo's. One deck named disco-troll uses Uthden Troll along Nevinyrral's Disk. Lastly one of my favorite cards, Time Vault is not restricted. Back in the days they tried to fix this card. They ruled it so that you were forced to untap it by itself. That is a counter was placed on it. This ruling changed several times until at last they decided to rule the card as it is printed. Today it can be combined with Voltaic Key to just win the game. Therefore it is restricted in the only format where it is allowed, namely vintage. In these old school tournaments it isn't restricted. So it can be comboed with cards like Twiddle to gain a series of extra turns.

I really like these old school magic things. They remind me of simpler times. I'll be back with more!

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