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21.10.2020 | Home Pages

Fitted screan shot from ToastyTech.Com

This has been on my mind for a while. I have known it, you know. Maybe for 8 years. I really like his web page approach. And I actually do agree with a lot of his opinions. His name is Nathan. And he really dislikes Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Find out why for your self. Mainly it is the idea of monopoly. Back in the 1990'ies there was an ongoing war for monopoly on the browser market. Microsoft won killing Netscape which now has become Firefox. Which I use myself. The thing of it is that "the free market" often doesn't regulate itself as it is supposed to do. So a browser like Internet Explorer might become a standard even though it might not be the best browser. We still have big tech firms that often comes close to monopoly. So Nathans bashing still has a lot of relevance. Besides that. I really dig his web page design!