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27.04.2020 | Web Archive/Warez

Warez.Com logo picture from around year 2000

Remember these sites? When I was not very old, I lived on a small island with my parents. This was in 1998-2000. The infant years of the internet as we know it today. ISDN and ADSL connections were the new thing, and my dad worked as an it-instructor. So free internet, but what to do with it? You could send free text messages to a phone number. You could send emails. And you could visit warez site. Warez was leet speak for illegal software. Hence on these sites you supposedly were able to download software. But then again none of them worked in that way. They were clattered with porn and malware. And there was this odd voting system you constantly was bothered with as an user. Every warez site was connected to a top site (or several), so you were constantly asked to vote before downloading anything. The links probably never worked in the first place, so all the warez sites was just one big absurd competition.

Anyway, through web archive I have found what I remember as the main artery: By the hacker/cracker [U][S][A] Ultimate Sanity in Anarchy, none the less.