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Second off

30.01.2018 | Update

Second off. I have just finished a week long, exhaustive exam. Yes, week long. Now a days exams can last for weeks. However. During the exam, when I just couldn't stand writing about statistics any longer, I played some magic in Shandalar. Read more about this in the vintage-gaming section soon. I have decided to buy and sell some magiccards I have had lying around/missed to play with for years. All in all I have create a magic page for this website. It will be up and running soon.

Pump your walls!


I have added a search engine to the side. I decided to do so and came up with a fun algorithm for searching which resembles the search used in, along others, Windows' start menu. For now it can only search word wise, but this might change in the future. For now this site information wise isn't very vast anyway.

I have added a comment board under each article, like this one. It should work - you can comment without being logged in. Then you will comment as guest. Or you can comment after creating an user and logging in in the terminal. Then you will comment as that user. This might change in the future, maybe you will have to login. Maybe I will create a way to login without using the terminal. And so on.

I'm still working on some programming languages for this site. An asm will soon be launchable. So stay tuned and have a nice last couple of days of January.

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