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Brenda Winecooler

22.10.2020 | Quotes/Simpsons

Again, the hilariousness of Homer Simpson

Mail woman: I have a delivery for a Scott and Brenda Weingarten, 74 Evergreen Terrace.
Homer S: 74? Oh, sorry. There's been a mistake.
Mail woman: Oh, no problem.
Mail woman: I'll just ship these juicy mail-order steaks back to Omaha.
Homer S: On second thought, I am Brenda Winecooler.
Homer S: Hæ hæ hæ.

I just love how Homer picks the wrong gender and last name. What I love even more is that name: Winecooler. How a person can be intrumentalized through generations by a last name. And then I love how people give up on Homer: incompetence sort of stems from ones resignation when he tries (and fails) to trick one. How deliciously absurd!

Of course I also love the fact that people mail order steaks to each other.

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