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Blue screen of death

04.01.2018 | Computing/Hardware

I was doing some serious regression with numpy when suddently my monitor couldn't stand the danish winter weather anymore and decided to go blue. I have had the monitor for about 10 years, so the depression like state came as a shock to us both. The monitor is deemed mediocre, it's a Samsung T220. However I sort of had a liking for it. I would deem it mediocre plus a small bit. Since I use my computer heavily for programming and editing pictures, I decided to get a new monitor. And a new second one since my old secondary sort of gave me a headache.

The last breath

I did a bit of research and decided to go Dell. And then add 2 inches. Now my eyes sort of have moved a bit outwards. But I got higher resolution and sharper details. This actually was a nice buy.

The new


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