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The Coronamaterial #1

31.03.2020 | World/Pandemic

This is a collection of materials on the covid 19 virus. This is the first of such collections.

We have some useful links here:

USA situation

USA seems to be exploding. Trump has an odd way of patronizing journalists, as can be seen in this video

It is quite remarkable given that USA now has twice as many cases as China. Trump can't admit that he ever has made a mistake. So how can they control the spread of corona. According to him USA constantly are in a perfect situation with no need for change. It's a bit scary. Hopefully USA will soon have control of the virus.

Covid 19 is linked to 5G

What is as scary as a person who can't comprehend his or her own mistakes, is a conspiracy theory. One is that Corona is linked to 5G testing (I do not agree on anything in the article behind the link). Note the author "Annie Logical". It seems like 5G radiation should have the same symptoms on people that the covid 19. Making a quick search gave this article on - the only company on the first search page that I trust. A link to came up. 5G is not dangerous. The problem is not 5G, the problem is the structure of a conspiracy theory. It resembles the structure of the Trump administration - everything that does not agree with the structure, is fake news. And this is extremely dangerous.

Future situation

Here in Denmark we are at a nation wide lock down until the 13 of April. This might be extended.

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