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Happy new year!

02.01.2019 | Celebrations

Blow 2018 apart

New Years eve has ended with a bang that then has settled into a tremendous hangover. As per the traditions I have been celebrating as follows

  1. Drinking beers.
  2. Eating Kransekake.
  3. Eating steak smothered in what ever odd sauce the local supermarket had made for us.
  4. Watching Dinner for One with that lovable drunken servant.
  5. Drinking Port and at some point became lovably drunk.
  6. Trying to go clubbing, failed and went to bed.

As it might be deduced from the list I am somewhat experienced in doing new years eve. In Denmark the weather is cold, it is dark most of the day, and I doubt that people reaching a certain age care much about this evening. But it delivers a sense that something new is going to happen. And it can be seen as a time to look back on the past year:

  • I'm satisfied with the form of this webpage. From the start I wanted to build a page one can't fully comprehend the structure of.
  • I'm dissatisfied with most of the rest of the world. Come on: no more conservatism, greed, misinformation, fake news, environmental destruction and racism. Remember that these subjects are the weapons of mass destruction.
  • I rekindled my love for road biking. As soon as spring steps in, I'm biking far, far away.

This page is my third page. On the second, the danish version that can be found at Dk.Brkmnd.Com, I have been giving gifts every advent up till Christmas. One of those (maybe from 2014) is this rather useless "game":

Enjoy 2019!

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