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James P. Allison and the Nobel Prize 2018

28.12.2018 | Science/Medicine

James P. Allison with courtesy of wiki-commons.

Some weeks ago I read the Wired article about James P. Allison - the harmonica playing Texan. I liked the article (not in facebook manner, just plain liked), and then sort of forgot about it. Until I heard about it on the radio. He has, along with Tasuko Honjo, won the Nobel Price in Medicine.

In short: they have found a protein called "CTLA-4". This inhibits, or acts as a break for, the immune system and it's ability to attack cancer tumors. At this point we have surpassed my understanding of biology and medicine, though I found the Wired article interesting. This accomplishment sure is appreciable. So from here: congrats!

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