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New PC case = new PC

27.10.2018 | Computing/Hardware

For some time now and for whatever reason I have wanted to buy a new desktop computer. The only problem is that I don't really need a new computer. My old core 2 quad is more than enough for my needs. Anyway, my computer is quite noisy, and then I thought: if I buy a new PC case I will have what looks like a new computer, and I can get rid of some of the noise.

After exploring the PC case market I settled on a Fractal Design Define R5. This choice happened for the following reasons

  • The case is not too flashy. I don't want my case to light and flash in all sorts of colors.
  • The case seemed very well designed interior wise.
  • The case has USB connectors on top. Anyone using a office chair that can roll around probably have tried to drive over USB cables. These can break at some point. And it is annoying to have to reach for the floor every time some device is to be connected.

Well, my new case came:

The case still not opened yet.
New and old case side by side.
The inside of the case.

OK. My first impression was that it is quite big. This comes in handy for the inside: here it is quite roomy.I don't know if I like the appearance of the case more than my old one. I do however like the top placed power button and the USB panel. The case is heavier than the old one. This is so because the case is soundproofed. It has bigger (and thus less noisy) cooling fans. And I like the white color for a change.

The case installed.

One thing that I like is that you can route the cables to the backside of the case. I can't remember that I have had troubles with my former case and the cables. But in this way the inside looks more orderly.

So now I have a new computer. Appearance wise, anyway.

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