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Untyped Lambda Calculus #5 :: 17-03-2019

 -Untyped Lambda Calculus in JavaScript

I have included the following tests. They can be run by clicking on eval. You can modify them as you see fit. They are borrowed from TaPL.

Logical Operators



Note that for now these are quite slow due to closure copies.

Closures #1

Closures #2

Closures #3

Write you own test

ρ is again used to describe the scope environment. If you find any errors, please report those as a comment below.

Comments(guest) anon (23-07-2019 02:24:32)in the following program : let zero = \ f . \ x . x; let succ = \ n . \ f . \ x . n f (f x); let two = (succ (succ zero)); (\ n . n l (two l u)) two if you delta-expand the first occurence of 'two' in the last line, and evaluate, you get a wrong result.brkmnd (24-07-2019 09:09:59)Thanks for noting. I'll look into it.Guest Name:Comment: