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Longest Common Subsequence Divide & Conquer MergeSort pictures 2019-12 Lilleoere on Samsoe #1Skovlunde in December #1Ballerup in December #5Ballerup in December #4Ballerup in December #3Ballerup in December #2Ballerup in December #1Skovlunde St. in December #2Skovlunde St. in December #1 2019-11 Hangin AppleNight in Ballerup #1Night in Herlev #1Night near Skovlunde #2Night near Skovlunde #1Night at Skovlunde station #5Night at Skovlunde station #4Night at Skovlunde station #3Night at Skovlunde station #2Night at Skovlunde station #1 2019-10 Autumn in Hareskoven 2019 #10Autumn in Hareskoven 2019 #9Autumn in Hareskoven 2019 #8Autumn in Hareskoven 2019 #7Autumn in Hareskoven 2019 #6Autumn in Hareskoven 2019 #5Autumn in Hareskoven 2019 #4Autumn in Hareskoven 2019 #3Autumn in Hareskoven 2019 #2Autumn in Hareskoven 2019 #1 2019-04 Shadowy forest at Mårup ØsterstrandFish trap at Langør - Nothern SamsøDog wandering the Samsoe version of The WastelandDog eating hind legReed in SoendersoeFlowering trees near SoendersoeHairy sheeps at SoendersoeHairy sheep at Soendersoe 2019-02 Part GreenWinter ForestSunset by SamsoeNorth Beach on Samsø #3North Beach on Samsø #2North Beach on Samsø 2018-11 Samsø during Autumn #3Samsø during Autumn #2Samsø during Autumn #1Hareskov during Autumn #9Hareskov during Autumn #8Hareskov during Autumn #7Hareskov during Autumn #6Hareskov during Autumn #5Hareskov during Autumn #4Hareskov during Autumn #3Hareskov during Autumn #2Hareskov during Autumn #1 2018-10 Autumn Samsø #20Autumn Samsø #19Autumn Samsø #18Autumn Samsø #17Autumn Samsø #16Autumn Samsø #15Autumn Samsø #14Autumn Samsø #13Autumn Samsø #12Autumn Samsø #11Autumn Samsø #10Autumn Samsø #9Autumn Samsø #8Autumn Samsø #7Autumn Samsø #6Autumn Samsø #5Autumn Samsø #4Autumn Samsø #3Autumn Samsø #2Autumn Samsø #1 2018-06 Heron on lookoutOvergrown jettyRoad to HareskovbySummer in Hareskov #2Summer in Hareskoven #1 2018-04 Vejle Central StationVet and droolingEnjoying both hare and natureDogs ready for playDog chewing hare cadaverDogs doing whatever on SamsoeDogs race sprinting on SamsoeCat and dog on Samsoe during spring 2018-02 Winter in Hareskov #4Winter in Hareskov #3Winter in Hareskov #2Winter in Hareskov #1Herlev arrival from GlostrupVestforbraendingnen in Glostrup 2017-12 Soemosen the third of adventBallerup the third of advent (1)Ballerup the third of advent (2) 2017-11 Autumn in HareskovSilhuet of Vorbjerg (north Samsoe)Aika the Schapendoes (1)Aika the Schapendoes (2)Autumn in Soemosen (1)Autumn in Soemosen (2)Autumn in Hareskov (1)Aika the Schapendoes (3)Rubbish and bushes on Samsoe 2017-10 Moon shopping 2017-08 Savannah of SamsoeCataracts flying above Samsoe 2017-05 The palace of Dodges (Venice)View from Rialto Bridge (Venice)The canals of VeniceThe narrow streets of VeniceDoves takes over Lido (Venice)People of Burrano (Venice)Street gangs of Murrano (Venice)One of the harbors around Lido (Venice)Beach in front of Lido (Venice)An abondoned church on Murrano (Venice) 2017-02 Fog over Samsoe (1)Fog over Samsoe (2) 2017-01 Soendersoe in Vaerloese (1)Soendersoe in Vaerloese (2)Furesoe nea Lyngby (1)Furesoe near Lyngby (2)Ballerup being foggy (1)Ballerup being foggy (2)Strolling around in BallerupSpiky thorns o Winter 2016-12 Urd is blowing the water (Samsoe)Electricity and Samsoe 2016-11 Shadows falling in front of Hoeje GladsaxeShadows in Hareskoven (1)Shadows in Hareskoven (3)Shadows in Hareskoven (2) 2016-10 Rapefield on SamsoeForest near beach on SamsoeTracks running to BallerupFoliage in a park in Ballerup 2016-07 A sheep found wandering BallerupPuppy in gravel pit 2016-04 Beach around Brattingsborg SamsoeView from Dyret on SamsoeThe round tower of Copenhagen (2)Spring flowersDandelions on paradeThe round tower of Copenhagen (1) 2016-03 Refshaleoen during early spring (1)Refshaleoen during early spring (2)Refshaleoen during early spring (3) 2016-02 Samsoe during winter (3)Samsoe during winter (2)Samsoe during winter 2016-01 Soemosen being foggy (1)Soemosen being foggy (2)Skovlunde S-train station during winterHareskoven during winter 2015-12 Sunny Samsoe during christmas Sunny Samsoe during christmas 2015-11 Egebjerg late autumn 2015-10 Burnout salt depot 2015-04 Vesborg lighthouse (Samsoe) 2015-03 Sydhavn during teardown (2)Sydhavn during teardown (1)Nordhavn by night (2)Nordhavn by night (1)Central train repair shop (2)Central train repair shop cph (1)Soemosen during burndown (2)Soemosen during burndown (1) 2015-02 Hareskoven during late winterHareskoven during late winter (2) projects Wwwo Creating an Old Web for Old Computers Janus2Bob Creating a compiler that compiles from Janus to BobJanus2Bob - 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